Club Owned Locomotives

Park Ranger – ‘Hymek’

Hymek Park Ranger at the Thompson Park RailwayPark Ranger – or ‘Hymek’ – as it is more commonly known is a petrol-hydraulic locomotive built in Stockport in the early 1980s. When the locomotive first arrive at the railway in 2011, it was fitted with a ‘Villers’ engine, which proved to be very impractical, as it required the engine to be stopped in order to change direction. Hymek under went a refurbishment and returned to service in January 2012, with a fresh coat of paint and a new 5.5 horse power engine. Since it’s return to service, Hymek has proved to be a reliable locomotive ever since.


Swallow – Class 91

Class 91, or Swallow, was built by Mardyke Miniatures in 1991, and is the only one of it’s kind. It was purchased by the society in 2015 from the Ness Island Railway, Inverness. Since Swallow’s arrival, it has proved to be one of the work horses of the fleet. In 2017, Swallow was removed from service to under go overhaul, and is yet to return to service.


Union Pacific – GP40

UP on the Thompson Park RailwayOriginally built in 1995 by the Knightly Light Railway, where it served an unknown number of years. It was later sold to the Dolphinarium in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, hauling passengers for a further __ years. When the Dolphinarium closed in 1999, ‘UP’ was bought by the society and has served the railway ever since.





Tommy TramBuilt in the early 2000 by one of our founding members, Joe Milburn. Tommy has recently been given a new lease of life when it underwent refurbishment in late 2013 / early 2014, receiving a new coat of paint into the Burnley Corporation Tram livery, and given the number 74, the next number in the tram fleet; as well as improving performance considerably, allowing Tommy return to passenger service for years to come.






Titan on the Thompson Park RailwayTitan is a diesel-hydraulic locomotive purchased by the railway in late 2012; entering service almost immediately, proving to be an avid performer both hauling passengers as well as assisting with winter engineering trains. In 2014, Titan received a fresh lick of paint into ‘BR Blue’, and renumbered 01590.





Furka-Oberalp – or Railcar – was kindly donated to the society in 1997 by Phil Moon. Railcar was originally consisted of two coaches and a locomotive – Trixie Belle. In 2007, the set was split to form a two car battery-electric multiple unit, and an independent locomotive. Railcar has proved to be a key member of the fleet, providing the railway with an excellent locomotive for driver training. In 2016, Railcar was taken out of service to under go a complete overhaul; we eagerly await its return to service.

Privately Owned Locomotives

Trixie Belle

Trixie BelleTrixie Belle donated to the society in 1997 by Phil Moon, along side Railcar; with the pair working together until 2007, when the two were split to form a two car battery-electric multiple unit, and an independent locomotive. In 2009, the locomotive was named Mr Thom, following a children’s competition in the Burnley Express news paper. Two years later, Mr Thom was sold  by the society to one of it’s members, who renamed Mr Thom to Trixie Belle. As well as being painstakingly rebuilt and has recently been retuned to service.



HST – Class 43

HST was originally built in the early 1980s by Mardyke Miniatures. Spending he majority of it’s life at a miniature railway in Felixstowe. Originally built as a petrol-hydraulic, it was rebuilt during the early 2000s to a two horse power battery-electric. HST joined the railway in early 2013, however after a serious traction motor failure was removed from service to, one again, be rebuilt. HST has it’s fame, after starting in an advert for British Rail’s Red Star postal service.


Sarah on the Thompson Park RailwaySarah is a Romulus steam locomotive built in 1990 in Conwy. Like ‘UP’, Sarah was brought back from the Dolphinarium in Ayia Napa in 1999 upon it’s closure. In 2006, Sarah was purchased by a member of the railway, and entered service later that year. In early 2014, Sarah was sold again to another member, who has since overhauled her and has recently been returned to service. Sarah has been a popular addition to the railway ever since her arrival over ten years ago.

Lady Jennet

Lady Jennet is a 3 inch scale ‘Alice’ locomotive built as one of a pair in 1998. She is based on locomotives used in the slate quarries of North Wales. Lady Janet was brought to the railway in 2013 after returning from North America, and has drawn admiring glances ever since.


Eton is a scale model of a 4-4-0 ‘schools’ class locomotive built in the early 1970s, built as one of a pair, Eton spent many years on the builder’s home, before being brought to steam for the first time in the late 1980s. In 2013, Eton arrived at our railway and can be seen hauling passengers around the railway on a regular basis.

Black Jack

Rio at the Thompson Park RailwayBlack Jack, or ‘Rio’ as it is more commonly known is a battery-electric locomotive built in the late 2000s. Brought to the railway in mid 2014, Rio has hauled passengers ever since.

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